Guarantees safety security

Vehicle thieves have modified their practices to overcome modern security options and the large majority of stolen vehicles are never recovered. Installing a vehicle tracker can help to instantly recover your vehicle in the event of a theft. We deliver the most accurate, user-friendly and cost-effective service available while maintaining high-quality delivery standards. You do not need any technical knowledge to use our tracking as the application arrives already set up and ready to go.

Whether you need to keep track of vehicles, motorbikes or even farming machinery asset security is the way to go. Fleets of vehicles can be tracked to monitor their location during operating hours, distance travelled and the amount of time each vehicle spends on the road at any one time.

Our tracking system helps you keep an eye on your asset’s location and movement. Whether it’s for personal or business use, our tracking services ensures you will always know where your asset is.

Asset Security solutions for your enterprise

Our solutions experts will help you to build a system that will support you to meet your goals beyond vehicle tracking.

Financial institutions must evolve their methods of preventing loss to ensure that there is a plan for asset recovery. We ensure the security of all financed assets acting as collateral for loans issued. In addition, financial institutions can monitor the assets on their own. The greatest benefit of asset tracking is its effectiveness; it ensures assets stay secure and helps to minimize risks.

Motor vehicle accident claims can be a burden. Facts on speed and mileage assist insurers to decide clients’ driving patterns by tracking driver behaviour on issues such as speed, inspiring good driver behaviour. Moreover, tracking and assessing the safety of locations that their customers frequent, aids them in creating a befitting insurance premium. Additionally, tracking drastically lowers the chances of claims resulting from theft, ultimately guarding theirs and the clients’ vested interests.

Vehicle security is crucial in the car rental industry. A tracking system minimizes risk factors associated with the business by monitoring and controlling your assets in real-time. Our promise is to deliver on security through 24/hour monitoring and technical support alongside vehicle recovery and immobilization when the need arises.

Our fleet management system provides clients with solutions that deliver measurable improvements in asset utilization, safety, security and Labor productivity hence reducing costs and curbing theft. Our systems ensure your operations run efficiently by finding the best routes to reduce distance, keep fuel costs down and provide intuitive information to match up to your business requirements.

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